Jason Kottke runs an old (I mean that in a nice way, like an old tree, not a 14.4K modem) blog that provides an excellent survey of what’s neat on the Internet. He digs into his curation strategy in this post, explaining the tension between exploring new things and keeping to what’s comfortable. 

I wear glasses

It was a cool fall day. I had finished my run and was walking to the water fountain in Arrigo Park. The walk felt good, easing the ache of the last quarter-mile. There’s a short loop in the park that’s usually occupied by retired walkers, moms with strollers and dogs running for frisbees. As I came around the corner I saw an elderly gentleman running on the sidewalk around the park. Slow but steady. I was immediately impressed.

Consistency has always been a struggle for me. Immediate enthusiasm for the latest hobby wears away as soon as I hit that first wall. But here is a man who has stuck through it and persevered. His muscles have atrophied. Bones have gotten weaker. But his mind is determined! I will fix this image in my mind the next time I don’t want to get up to run. He got close and then passed me.

It was a twenty something in a white hat.

Well then.